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ConfiDisc® is a research and development company in the field of medical devices.

We are problem solvers. Our innovators knew they had to design a device that would help overcome injection anxiety. Through their determination and innovative spirit, ConfiDisc® was developed. ConfiDisc® is a patented syringe injection system for injecting by syringe or pen, insulin or like medications. It can be used by the patient or by a caregiver. ConfiDisc® is beneficial, simple and affordable for everyone facing daily injections.

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VAD Wear™... The Fredom to Live YOUR Life

With today’s advances in medical technologies, more and more people have medical devices that they must carry with them at all times. These devices are key to their survival. Yet many of these devices are burdensome and reduce the feeling of normalcy. They put restrictions on both movement and freedom. VAD Wear™ was developed to address these issues for vetricular assist device recipients (LVAD / VAD). Our patent pending pocket system provides the user the ability to move more freely, helps to maintain balance by better weight distribution and conceals your lines to help keep your equipment safe, secure and undercover. Our VAD Wear™ patent pending system is currently available in our multi-pocket vest style for HeartMate 2 and 3. It has eight pockets on the outside and four inside pockets to hold batteries, controller and one other device or personal item. Its simple, unisex, design is comfortable for everyday use. Made of a polyester, cotton, blend that is lightweight and easy to clean.

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Our products were developed to provide a healthy alternative to the traditional foods used to feed fish while snorkeling and diving. Providing quality fish food formulas in convenient, innovative and easy to use packaging. SeaDine's Snorkel Snax® is an ideal brand for the vacation and resort industry, specifically those offering diving and water sports.

Snorkel Snax® has tremendous appeal among recreational snorkelers, divers, underwater photographers and water-sports enthusiasts of all ages.

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